Is NPS or net promoter score best suited to teams or individuals?

February 9 2017, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Technology Group

Net promoter score best suited for…

You’re an Australian small business owner who’s heard a lot about net promoter score. Where in the business is net promoter score best suited? Many businesses grapple with how they apply the scoring system to their business. They narrow the starting position down to looking at either ‘individuals’ or ‘teams’.

Since NPS relies on the question ‘how likely are you to recommend this company to your friends or colleagues?’. One could argue that it’s not ‘individuals’ but ‘teams’ the organisation should look at, since net promoter looks at the company.

How do you install net promoter score?

If a business is looking at implementation, teams are one of the places to start assessing how your business could use net promoter score best. In most business teams, people want to be part of one (rather than excluded from one) and are often prepared to work harder to be a valued member. Teams rely on teamwork, so when everyone is using the same standard scoring measure, the team can then be assessed more evenly. The benefits of performance evaluation are great for the business, and ultimately it’s great for the customer.

With NPS or net promoter score, you’re not rating the employee, you are looking at the company. The NPS is a short survey of overall experience, whereby multiple contacts from one team or several teams can be included.

What did Macquarie Technology Group do?

Many Macquarie Technology Group business customers experience different facets or areas of our business. Some of the areas include; service delivery, training, maintenance, customer service, billing and the list goes on. By giving customers the voice to assess the business holistically and simply. It provides a great platform for action. We listen. And then we make changes towards improvement.

The power of NPS for business is when the organisation utilises the results to build more business. With this lens in mind, achieving great NPS results as a team makes it easier to acquire new business. Gaining more business, by doing good business and improving the customer service.

Although it may be easier to say the answer lies with ‘everyone’, both teams and individuals. It ultimately relies on teams working together to improve the customer experience.