Moving towards better national cyber security – the Data Breach Notification Bill

February 13 2017, by David Tudehope | Category: Technology Group

The long-awaited passage of mandatory breach notification laws was welcome and an important step in giving confidence to people in the digital age, Macquarie Technology Group said today.

“Macquarie Technology Group has long supported mandatory notification of serious breaches as a foundation of better national cyber security,” said CEO, David Tudehope.

“Consumers need to know promptly when their data may have been lost in a serious breach so they can take their own remedial action.”

“The new regime also helps other businesses and organisations to become aware of possible vulnerabilities in their own networks,” David Tudehope said.

“Everyday there are reports of new incidences of unauthorised disclosures of private and personal information. The legislation, passed today is a big step forward in ensuring that consumers are kept in the loop about what happens to their information. Keeping Australian citizens information onshore was also a further step businesses should take to securing consumer data.”

Making greater transparency a legal obligations means all boards and management teams know that trying to sweep problems under the carpet is no longer an option. Macquarie Technology Group produced a national security report available here.

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David Tudehope, CEO Macquarie Technology Group



About Macquarie Technology Group: Macquarie Technology Group (ASX MAQ) is Australia’s data centre, cloud, cyber security and telecom company for mid-large business and government customers. The Group comprises of three businesses; Macquarie Cloud Services, Macquarie Telecom and Macquarie Government.

David Tudehope

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David Tudehope is Chief Executive and founder of successful Australian telecom and IT company, Macquarie Technology Group. He has guided the company's development to become a fully integrated publicly listed carrier; supplying voice, mobile, data networks, managed hosting and cloud computing solutions to business and government users in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. David is a member of the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Industry Advisory Committee. David won the award for CEO of the Year in the World Communication Awards in London in October 2020.

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