Communications Alliance’s communications ambassador 2018

September 3 2018, by David Forman | Category: Technology Group

In 1992 Aidan and I started Macquarie the hard way with only our personal savings. We began in a small office with old 1970s loop pile carpet and wood veneer partitions. We built the business one customer at a time.

26 years later, we’re now an established business with a lot of great people working with us, and as a team we’ve achieved a lot of great things together. We led the fight to bring competition, better service and lower prices in telecommunications and mobile number portability. Everyday, 25 million Australians benefit from this.

Our industry matters to Australia. Our industry is the heart of the information age we live in, and last night’s recognition is a reminder that we need to speak up for what we know is right. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but as an industry I know we can change this.

I’m thrilled to be named the Communications Alliance’s communications ambassador for 2018.Thank you John Stanton, Nicholas Gray and the Comms Alliance team for a great event and your continued efforts to provide a unified voice for the Australian communications industry.