US Security Expert Gregory Treverton to be Macquarie’s Special Guest

August 1 2017, by Aidan Tudehope | Category: Technology Group

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Macquarie Technology Group is excited to this month host the recently retired chairman of the National Intelligence Council, Gregory Treverton, one of the world’s most respected thinkers on global security and cyber security.

The National Intelligence Council coordinates intelligence community support for US policy deliberations. It brings under its umbrella such agencies as the National Counter Terrorism Centre and the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Centre.

Greg left the role of chairman late in 2016 at the end of his four-year term.

He oversaw the 2016 publication of the Council’s most recent four yearly Global Trends report.

The report, titled “The Paradox of Progress”, was received as a landmark not just in the US, but in Australia and across the Western world. It is available here.

Since leaving the Council Greg has, among other activities, been consulting to insurance companies and publicly discussing the role cyber insurance could play in raising the cyber security in the business community.

He has agreed to help us explore that issue as part of the Macquarie Technology Group’s longstanding commitment to contribute in a practical and meaningful way to public policy in Australia.

Our interest in cyber insurance follows directly from the inquiries and discussions we initiated after the release of the National Cyber Security Strategy.

Macquarie Technology Group last year sponsored an important research project conducted by the National Security College at the ANU that drilled into the management systems and capability of cyber security by medium sized businesses and government enterprises. (Available here). That report was launched by the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, the Hon Dan Tehan, in our Sydney office in November and attracted a great deal of attention.

The report showed serious governance problems in medium sized enterprises, including the absence of a language which made sense of the issues for management and boards.

This year, we set about asking how we could explore solutions. Specifically, how cyber insurance could help surface and price cyber risks, and communicate it in a language meaningful to management teams and boards.

Greg will be helping us explore this issue in both in private events with policy makers and industry leaders, and in events with researchers and academics, our customers and staff. He will also be speaking about the big trends that will shape global security for next decade and beyond.

Greg has been extraordinarily generous with his time and his insights are sure to be worth hearing.

Please stayed tuned for news about the events and or reflections on his insights later this month.


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