Macquarie Telecom enhances its core network and gets ready for NBN

September 25 2013, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Technology Group

Sydney, 11 March 2013: Macquarie Telecom (ASX: MAQ), Australia’s number one integrated Managed Hosting, Cloud and Telecommunications Company has accelerated its core network bandwidth capacity ten times after completing major upgrades in 2013.

The network enhancement comes amidst exponential growth in demand for higher bandwidth and redundancy as both cloud computing and the NBN gain the momentum to facilitate innovation and growth opportunities for Australian Businesses. Average bandwidth downloads amongst Macquarie Telecom customers have more than quadrupled in the past two years.

“With the NBN’s rollout now becoming a reality, businesses are looking at how to not only take advantage of its enhancements, but also ensure their platforms and services are compatible with the new infrastructure,” said Christopher Greig, Group Executive – Telecommunications, Macquarie Telecom.

“Our major network upgrade will make this transition to NBN – and the vast performance and growth opportunities it presents – seamless and intuitive for our clients. In fact, we’re envisaging that more than half our customers will be ready for NBN connectivity by the June 2016

“Furthermore we expect the NBN to herald an explosion in cloud-based applications and demand for infrastructure centralisation for a better customer experience,” said Greig. “This latest development of our network will provide the high-speed, high-redundancy framework to deliver these applications in a robust, flexible and cost-effective manner.”

Following the upgrades, Macquarie Telecom now operates a 100% IP-based Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, allowing customers to run multiple applications with higher speeds and reduced latency. MPLS is expected to significantly boost performance for data, voice and video applications – the convergence of which has been a major driver of demand for higher bandwidth over the past five years.

Other network upgrades include improved performance design to reduce packet delays and improve service uptime; augmentations to Edge routers’ port density and coverage to boost provisioning speed; enhancements in carrier diversity to provide greater customer redundancy options; and stronger cloud connectivity from increased redundant links to the company’s data centres.

“This network development complements the $14 million invested in the Federal Government-accredited Intellicentre 4, as well as more than $60 million in building Intellicentre 2, Australia’s first certified Tier 3 data centre,” commented Greig. “It puts Macquarie Telecom in a strong position to provide Australian businesses with the fully integrated telecommunications and hosting services they need.”

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