Customers driving Macquarie Technology Group’s investment

October 10 2017, by Lois Potter | Category: Technology Group

Customers across Macquarie Cloud Services and Macquarie Government business units are responding so strongly to the Macquarie “special sauce” that the company will invest up to $11m this year to support growth, Macquarie Technology Group CFO Brent Henley told the CommsDay Congress in Melbourne today.

Mr Henley said that Macquarie Technology Group’s customers were paying their bills much faster, buying additional services and were more likely to stick with Macquarie, even in highly competitive sectors like Telecom.

Great customer service, key to investment.

He said this was a direct response to Macquarie’s continually improving customer service, as demonstrated by its Net Promoter Score, which has now reached +68 NPS, at the head of the pack for all Australian businesses.

View the Macquarie Technology Group customer service – CFO CommsDay presentation.