Get to know our team: Who is Tracey Paine?

August 19 2020, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Cloud Services

Tracey is our DevOps and Online Manager for Macquarie Cloud Services. She’s a powerhouse who always has time for a laugh and chat about her kids, biking and anything tech!

Over the 10+ years she’s been with us, Tracey has always been a high performer. She’s built really successful teams and has secured her spot on our international recognition trips several times!

Tracey has added value to Macquarie Technology Group in so many ways. During her time with us, she’s worked part time and full time, had two adorable kids, led a variety of teams and held a few different roles. She’s been a busy lady.

Tracey, tell us more…


You’ve been with us for over 10 years. Tell us a bit about your journey with MTG?

I’ve had three roles with Macquarie. First role was leading service delivery for our Hosting business, then I moved to be Cloud Product Manager. My current role is managing our software teams (DevOps and Online).

I have also had two kids whilst with Macquarie. Interestingly, I have taken on new challenges each time I’ve returned from parental leave. The challenge of building and growing with new teams has kept me really engaged.


You’ve been on our annual international employee recognition trip (Mac Club) several times (woo!). Which one was the most memorable?

They’ve all been awesome. Mac Club is such a unique mix; a bit of leisure and relaxation, a smattering of cultural immersion, something thrilling to blow your hair back and the opportunity to workshop a key company challenge or strategy with amazing people from across the entire group.

The trip to Abu Dhabi was surreal. It wasn’t somewhere I’d researched or visited before we went, and I really enjoyed the surprises of a culture and environment so different to our home.


Tracey, looking back on your career, what do you think has been the biggest impact?

I was involved in an ISP/Telco start-up in the mid-90s with some friends, it was an amazing, challenging and rewarding experience in which I learnt a lot about myself. Of course, it was also hard slog but it paid off when we ended up selling the business just before the .com crash – which was great timing!

Work was all-consuming for those few years and it permeated all aspects of my life. My colleagues became my BFFs and work was the topic of conversation whether at the office, the pub or a bbq. It was an always on environment and a long weekend away was considered a good break!

Looking back, the experience has taught me about work-life choices – to be mindful of the impact decisions have on the balance of work and home. As I’ve matured, I better understand that its ok for the pendulum to move between the two as life throws out its challenges. I learnt a lot at that start-up and still reflect on those lessons to this day.

“…the experience has taught me about work-life choices, to be mindful of the impact decisions have on the balance of work and home. As I’ve matured, I better understand that its ok for the pendulum to move between the two as life throws out its challenges.”

The dynamic is different once you have a family. I was a few months into parental leave when I realised that 12 months at home with a bub was not the right work-life choice for me – I never expected the repetitive routine of motherhood would affect me in the way it did – I needed my work identity back!

Macquarie were very supportive, and I returned to work after both of my children for just 1 day a week for the first 3 months before ramping up to 3 days per week after 6 months. Those stints of very part time work were successful and rewarding.


We partner with Gallup strengths for coaching and development. Which were your top 5?

My top 5 strengths are Achiever – Learner – Arranger – Individualisation – Relator.

None of them really surprised me. Perhaps it’s more so that other ‘techies’ are surprised about how my Strengths play out in the workplace!

I find that techies often expect ‘learner-types’ to only be interested in learning about the tech – but I’ve always been really interested in learning about people and how they work both as individuals and teams, and then how this works in with the tech. I guess that’s what’s lead to my success at MTG – bringing the tech and the people together so we can achieve our goals as a team.


What is the one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

I have two things!

I’m very much a detail person. I’d tell myself to take the time to also look at the general idea and broader themes before getting stuck right “into the weeds”. Lifting your head and seeing the bigger picture can help you add more value when you get stuck into the nitty gritty.

Dad was right when he quoted Einstein about compound interest “He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”


Lastly, you’ve worked in cutting edge technology and have massive knowledge of some really awesome cloud stuff. Are your kids as impressed as we are? Do they think you’re cool?

Yes they do, but not for the tech. They are 5 and 6 years old, so probably pretty easy to impress!

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